Moral Metric

Moral Metric required extensive front-end visual design and back-end application development. We worked closely with the client to discover requirements, design the user experience, and develop the back-end application.

Donor Tools

Client: Internal Project
Services Provided: Ruby on Rails Development, Graphic Design, Server Deployment, Marketing, Support, the whole enchilada!

Donor Tools is smart, online donor management software for nonprofit organizations. We built Donor Tools because we weren’t happy with the software that was available for nonprofits to track and manage their donations.

Donor Tools was built using Ruby on Rails, with PostgreSQL serving the database, and is hosted on Engineyard.


MemberMan was an extensive custom SaaS application built using Ruby on Rails.

MemberMan helps organizations organize membership directory into groups. Groups are a place where members can come together online to interact with you, engage with other members, and, access members-only content.

Features included: 

  • Member discussion forum
  • Automated Recurring billing
  • Members-only content
  • Courses
  • Badging and gamification
  • Event registration is a list-building tool for authors who publish on

ContentUpgrade is built using Ruby on Rails. The application features social authentication, API access via Zapier and authorized via OAuth, native integrations with Drip, MailChimp, and Aweber, and payment integration via Stripe.

Embedding the lead magnet widget is accomplished using the OEmbed protocol. uses the service to expand OEmbed links into rich data embeds.

Biola University Associated Students

Biola University’s department of Associated Students asked us to help design a new website that visually reflected the character of the student body and allowed staff to easily add and update content.

Our solution consisted of a heavily customized version of Radiant CMS, which allowed staff to add pages and images, customize layouts, and moderate student-posted content.


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