Sales is helping

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I’m a pretty mellow guy. Sales doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. Trying to convince somebody of something is just not part of my personality profile, let alone convincing someone to buy something that they don’t want.

But that’s not what good salespeople do, is it?

You’ve heard of the mythical salesman who could sell ice to eskimos. I know several people like that. They are incredibly persuasive.

Good salespeople—I mean the best salespeople—don’t just try to sell you what they’re selling. Their aim is to help you solve a problem.

When I realized this it changed the way I saw my own role as a business owner. Of course I have to do sales. But I don’t have to persuade anyone—at least I don’t have to persuade someone who doesn’t need what I’m offering.

There are people out there who really do need what I have to offer. Those people I can help.

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