The most precious thing in the world is also the cheapest

By crispinheneise / On / In Engineering Daybook


By all measures of value it’s the most precious thing we have. It’s scarce. It’s non-renewable. You can spend it. And people will pay you for it.

So why we treat time like it’s cheap?

Time is easy to waste. A few minutes here or there adds up. There’s no way to in-waste time.

People can buy your time. Is it for sale? For most people it is. We need money to buy food and to have a decent place for our families to live. Sometimes we absolutely have to trade our time, which can never be renewed, for money to pay for the necessities of life.

There’s some point though, when the value of the time we’re selling exceeds the value that we get for it in return. But we keep doing it. Why do we do that?

Is it because it’s comfortable? Because it’s easier than the alternative?

Or is it because we’re afraid of what it might mean if we really valued our time for what it truly is?

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