What’s in your mind?

By crispinheneise / On / In Engineering Daybook

More specifically, where does your mind go when it’s idling?

Lately my mind has been wandering over to politics—issues over which I have absolutely zero control (yes I know my vote counts).

What I really want to think about is my business, my family, and my own mental and spiritual wellbeing.

But the information that I’ve been consuming lately has skewed toward the political. Maybe it’s out of curiosity, the same way you can’t tear your eyes away from a car crash.

The information that we consume has a direct impact on what our minds think about when it’s idling. So read politics, if you’re a pundit. Read about business, if you’re a manager. Read about design, if you’re a designer.

Just realize that your mind will process all these things that you put into it.

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