Hello Swans

Just the other day I was telling my wife that “Bitcoin is going to change the world”. At some point I tripped and fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Although I’ve been tinkering with Bitcoin and I recently opened a Swan account, I’m not satisfied just stacking sats. I want to do Bitcoin. That’s why I want to come work with you at Swan Bitcoin.

A little about me:

  • I’ve been developing web applications for sixteen years.
  • I enjoy product design, and I’ve been involved in every part of the product lifecycle, from greenfield development through production deployment and scaling.
  • Most of my professional experience is with small businesses and startups.

I’m a Wizard, Harry:

  • I’m a senior Ruby on Rails developer. I built my first web app on Rails 0.13.1.
  • I’ve worked with many Javascript frameworks, including React, Vue.js, jQuery (back in the old days), and StimulusJS (most recently).
  • I’ve had considerable experience consuming and building REST APIs.
  • I have senior level experience with SQL.
  • My work includes data visualization and charts using several different charting libraries, including C3.js, Flot, HighCharts, and Chart.js.
  • Although I’ve never built a production product with NodeJS, not knowing a language or framework has never stopped me in the past. I’m confident I’ll be able to be productive very quickly.
  • I’ve managed small teams of developers.
  • All code that I write is well-tested.

A couple more things I think you’ll like:

  • My most recent project was a double-entry accounting ledger system for nonprofit organizations. (Here’s a link to my portfolio: https://boosterstage.net/portfolio/dime-giving/)

I’m excited about this position because I believe Bitcoin is the future of more than just money. I’d like it to be my future also, and I’d love to come work with you at Swan Bitcoin.


Ryan Crispin Heneise